Educational Research Journal


1988.第3卷(Vol. 3).pp. 83–86


A Study of the Objectives of Church Involvement in Education as Perceived by the Various Protestant Denominations in Hong Kong

吳梓明(Peter Tze-Ming NG)




The present study aims at revealing the views of the various Protestant denominations on the objectives and ideals of church involvement in education in Hong Kong today.

A questionnaire has been sent to all Protestant Secondary School Heads, Supervisors as well as Religious Education Teachers to gather up-to-date information regarding their respective views on the objectives and practices in their schools. A total of 299 questionnaires were sent by mail and 164 returned; the return rate was 55%. Data were then put into computer for frequency analysis, chi-square test, t-test and F-test etc. The findings show that there exists significantly different views among the various Protestant denominations on the objectives of running church schools in Hong Kong. The Anglican (Sheng Kung Hui), the Church of Christ in China Hong Kong Council and the Baptist Convention are found to be more concerned with educational and social aspects, whereas the Lutheran Church, Tsung Tsin Mission and the Methodist Church are more concerned with evangelistic and Christian nurture aspects in defining their objectives.

It is hoped that this report will stimulate greater interest and dialogue among educators in Hong Kong, including those who belong to a church denomination as well as those who are not members of any religious group.