Journal of Basic Education


2009.第18卷第1期(Vol. 18 No. 1).pp. 87–107


A Study of Value Orientations in Six Sets of Junior Secondary Chinese Language Textbooks in Hong Kong

何文勝(Man-Sing HO)





Based on a framework of analysis and the determination of values in texts, this paper examines value orientations from the perspectives of content, proportion and presentation methods to see whether the objectives of teaching values from curriculum guides have been implemented in six sets of junior secondary Chinese language textbooks in Hong Kong. The paper also seeks to provide recommendations for future textbook compilation. It was found that the various domains found in the textbooks for determining values were quite comprehensive, except for the domain of the world. The treatment also fulfilled the functions of Chinese language textbooks. However, in terms of the proportion and scope for the different domains, there was too much focus on the individual. The focus on the family was acceptable, but that for the society, country, nation and the world was inadequate, resulting in an imbalance and a difficulty in fulfilling the teaching objectives of the curriculum. In terms of presentation method, it is suggested that the focus on the individual and the society should be reduced as students move up the grade levels, while the focus on the nation and the world should increase. If curriculum guides can provide clearer recommendations on the proportion shown in value orientations in textbooks, then textbook compilation would have a better reference and quality much better guaranteed.