Journal of Basic Education


2008.第17卷第2期(Vol. 17 No. 2).pp. 1–13


Reflections on the Discussion of Using Putonghua as the Medium of Instruction in Teaching Chinese

鄧城鋒(Shing-Fung TANG)





Since the Curriculum Development Council (CDC) (2000) confirmed that using Putonghua as the medium of instruction to teach the Chinese Language (PMI) would be a long-term goal, more and more local schools have attempted to practise PMI in different forms. It seems inevitable that PMI would be implemented in Hong Kong. Through a comprehensive review of the research on and the controversies over PMI, and the historical development of language policies in Hong Kong and Taiwan, this article scrutinizes the nature of the issue and aims to show the inadequacy of the current discourse. Directions for further inquiry into PMI are suggested.