Journal of Basic Education


2008.第17卷第1期(Vol. 17 No. 1).pp. 59–71


Preschool Children’s Visual Perception of Chinese Characters

郭婉儀、陳莉莉(Elisa KWOK & Lily CHAN)





The present study investigates the influence of perceptual experience on lexical processing of Chinese characters. One hundred and seventy-eight children, aged three to six, participated in two visual memory tasks. In Task 1, children were asked to recall a list of characters with symmetrical structure, and in Task 2, they had to identify characters with asymmetrical structure. The results from the two experiments indicated that there were significant symmetrical structural effects in children’s recall. Effects from age differences were found, indicating that perceptual information in Chinese characters was utilized by preschool children of different ages in different ways in the character acquisition process.