Journal of Basic Education


2008.第17卷第1期(Vol. 17 No. 1).pp. 3–16


Implementation of and Reflection on Western Thought in Early Childhood Education in the Chinese Mainland

朱家雄(Jiaxiong ZHU)





This paper reviews three main kindergarten curriculum reforms in the Chinese mainland, and explicates the important role of western thought in driving those reforms in early childhood education. When reflecting on the influence of western thought on the reforms, the paper examines the following issues: value-free vs. value-related education, macro theories vs. local knowledge, quality education vs. equity in education, and academic research vs. practical study. It also points out that discussion about development orientations of Chinese kindergarten curriculum reform should be based not only on an overview of curriculum reform history and experience, but also on an understanding of the development of Chinese economy, politics and culture as a foundation for reform.