Journal of Basic Education

Society, Culture and Education

2007.第16卷第2期(Vol. 16 No. 2).pp. 125–148

Society, Culture and Education


Chuying CHIEN(簡楚瑛)


The main purpose of this article is to suggest what the content of future education should be based upon today’s trends of social change. The article is divided into three parts. First, two studies are used as examples to demonstrate that society and culture provide the content from which people develop their epistemologies, and also influence the content of every person’s thinking and cognition. Second, in view of globalization, localization and informational expansion as the three unfolding and interactive trends in society today, this article explores how these trends impact the learning process and emphasizes how they should be reflected in the content of education. Last, responding to the above social trends, I present my expectation of educational content from early childhood to university education levels, suggesting five areas that are in need of enhancement: multi-disciplinary knowledge, subject-by-subject literacy, character development within a value system, encouragement of life-long learning, and concentration on familial-religions ethics.

Keywords: social change; globalization; localization; informational expansion; curriculum