Journal of Basic Education


2007.第16卷第2期(Vol. 16 No. 2).pp. 41–63


Chinese Language Teachers’ Beliefs of Teaching Chinese Culture

黃婉貞、林智中(Jane WONG & Chi-Chung LAM)





In the Chinese language curriculum released by the Curriculum Development Council in 2004, the teaching of Chinese culture was added as a main component of the curriculum. The present study explores Chinese language teachers’ beliefs in the teaching of Chinese culture. In interviews with Chinese teachers, the study reveals their frontline teaching practices and underlying beliefs. Findings show that teachers viewed a knowledge of Chinese culture as an important aim of culture teaching at the primary level, but only as secondary in the teaching of the Chinese subject. A student-centred approach was preferred, but authoritative teaching of patriotism was not favoured. On the whole, teachers felt inadequate in their knowledge and teaching of Chinese culture and hoped that more specific concrete guidelines on curriculum and instruction could be given.