Journal of Basic Education


2007.第16卷第2期(Vol. 16 No. 2).pp. 21–40


An Investigation into the Effectiveness of the Teaching Medium in the PMI Classroom

郭思豪(See-Ho KWOK)





This paper investigates teachers’ linguistic performance and its relation to the effectiveness of using Putonghua as the medium of instruction (PMI) in teaching the Chinese Language. Findings reveal that successful PMI teaching and teachers’ linguistic performance are highly correlated, including being able to arouse students’ learning and behavioural responses (both affective and linguistic responses). Generally speaking, quality PMI teachers possess the linguistic characteristics of both the “caretaker” and the “teacher” — they could attract students’ attention in listening and responding to teacher prompts, and actively engage students to take the role of both language “learners” and “users”. Through the evaluation of teachers’ language performance and student responses, and the analyses of detailed classroom discourse and related teaching strategies, it is hoped that the essence of “high quality medium of instruction” can be better understood.