Education Journal


1988.第16卷第1期(Vol. 16 No. 1).pp. 85–96



Sharing of Experience — Application of Discovery Method to Teaching Junior Secondary Forms Chinese History Syllabus Part B

符兆馨、區潔珍(Siu-Hing FU & Kit-Chun AU)



另方面,由於一般教師所受的歷史訓練,以甲部課程(政治史)為主,故在處理乙部課程(文化史)的教學上,感到特別困難,只好輕輕帶過,甚或避而不談,以致與我們生活有密切關係 的文化史,在中史教學上一直處於附庸地位。



One of the major difficulties in teaching junior secondary Chinese History is that students often feel passive and dull which adversely affects their learning.

Moreover, the training received by most Chinese History teachers is mainly in Syllabus Part A (Political History), who then find it difficult to teach Syllabus Part B (Cultural History) and will usually briefly cover the latter Syllabus or even not touch upon it at all. It is why Cultural History has so far been of subordinate importance in Chinese History teaching even though it is very much related to our daily lives.

In view of the above, the authors will focus the following discussion on the two problems and cite examples from their everyday teaching experience to show the feasibility and advantages of applying discovery method in teaching Chinese History Syllabus Part B in junior secondary forms.