Education Journal


1988.第16卷第1期(Vol. 16 No. 1).pp. 78–84



Professor Chen Yuan-an's Views on the Teaching of Language

李學銘(Hok-Ming LEE)




Professor CHEN Yuan-an (CHEN Yuan 陳垣 , 1880–1971) is a distinguished scholar in historiography in modern China. His outstanding achievements have received wide acclaim in academic circles. Professor CHEN valued not only research on historiography but also the teaching of Chinese. During his lifetime, he made known his opinions on the teaching of Chinese to his students, younger scholars and secondary school teachers of Chinese and educationists teaching first year Chinese at universities. His student, Qi Gong (啟功), collated Professor CHEN's opinions on the teaching of Chinese and compiled them as the nine principles on "Essentials of Teaching" (《上課須知》). The author of this article has tried to expound the main views in the "Essentials of Teaching" which Professor CHEN wished to convey, and proceeds to assess how such views can inspire language educators.