Journal of Basic Education

Web-based Multimedia Support for Preservice Primary ESL Teachers in Hong Kong

2007.第16卷第1期(Vol. 16 No. 1).pp. 13–28

Web-based Multimedia Support for Preservice Primary ESL Teachers in Hong Kong


David CONIAM & Paul SZE(龔大胃、施敏文)


This article reports on a Web-based multimedia resource specially developed to support the training of preservice primary ESL teachers in Hong Kong. One of the challenges facing TESL teacher educators is how to assist trainee teachers to put espoused TESL methods and strategies into practice. While lesson observation is one solution, there are practical difficulties in arranging frequent lesson observations on site. As a result, ESL trainee teachers often start their practicum with only a partial understanding of classroom techniques. Although video can increase trainee teachers' exposure to the second language classroom, video recordings of lessons are inconvenient to use. This article describes a project which attempts to address the problem raised above by using Web-based multimedia to demonstrate good TESL practice to trainee teachers, and by using computer-mediated discussion (CMD) to promote reflection on exemplar classroom vignettes.

Keywords: teaching English as a second language; multimedia; teacher education; primary school