Journal of Basic Education


2006.第15卷第2期(Vol. 15 No. 2).pp. 121–140


Constructivist Teaching Design: Supporting Pupils' Learning of Project Report Writing Skills

蘇詠梅(Winnie Wing-Mui SO)





This research is designed to support primary pupils to acquire the report writing skills for their projects. The design of the research is based on the constructivist theory of learning, emphasizing that scaffolding support from the teacher is important for pupils to acquire and develop skills for project-based learning. In the first phase of the research, there was a pre-lesson analysis of project reports done by pupils who had never learned project report writing. The analysis revealed that pupils have limited knowledge in writing a project report. This part provided teachers with useful information for designing activities for classroom learning. The second phase is the analysis of classroom teaching, manifested in how pupils' knowledge in learning project report writing skills can be achieved through classroom activities and interactive discussions with teachers. The analysis of written reports submitted by pupils three months after classroom learning evidenced that pupils managed the related reporting writing skills much better with the scaffolding support from teachers.