Journal of Basic Education

「課外活動!?工作耶?教育耶?」── 教師的專業與自主探索

2006.第15卷第2期(Vol. 15 No. 2).pp. 87–108

「課外活動!?工作耶?教育耶?」── 教師的專業與自主探索

Extra-curricular Activities!? As Job Duties? As Education? — An Inquiry into Teacher Professionalism and Autonomy

周昭和、洪雪蓮、呂惠珊(Chiu-Woo CHOW, Suet-Lin HUNG, & Wai-Shan LUI)





Extra-curricular Activities (herefafter ECA) is an area that has opened up various opportunities for improving school education in Hong Kong since the 1960s. However, the increasing emphasis on professionalism, managerialism and education reform has made many changes to the situation. This study analyzes the interview transcripts of 40 local secondary school teachers to examine their views on ECA, aiming to explore the professionalism in ECA. The results reveal that some teachers are inclined to regard ECA as part of their official duties and responsibilities as employees. With respect to autonomy, the teachers tend to make references to their professional community. Where they make reference to their own experiences, they feel the pressure from the professional community. Through reflections on these phenomena, the "professionalism of ECA" discourse and the basics of education are examined.