Journal of Basic Education


2006.第15卷第2期(Vol. 15 No. 2).pp. 65–85


Managing Partnerships in Educational Reform: The Taiwan Experience

黃政傑、張嘉育(Jenq-Jye HWANG & Chia-Yu CHANG)





Educational reform cannot be achieved by a single person or by a one-shot effort. Thus forming a good partnership with all stakeholders is admittedly one of the significant factors in successful education reform. By forming partnerships, which makes team cooperation in education reform possible and leads to more effective reforms, Taiwan has seen many changes and improvements in education. This paper aims to examine the idea and practice of partnership in education reform in four parts. To begin with, the concept of partnership in education reform will be clarified. Secondly, the Taiwan experience will be taken as an example to explain the possible approaches and patterns on edcucation reform. Thirdly, the problems and difficulties of partnerships in Taiwanese education reform will be illustrated. Finally, based on the above reviews, some suggestions will be proposed.