Journal of Basic Education


2006.第15卷第2期(Vol. 15 No. 2).pp. 45–64


Building a Teaching Force for Basic Education in China: An Innovative Model of Action Education in Teacher Professional Development

胡瑞文(Rui-Wen HU)





In the past decade, most of the important achievements in primary and secondary education in China could be attributed to the development of the teaching force, both in quantity and in quality. The professional development of teachers should now focus on improving teachers' pedagogy instead of merely raising teachers' academic qualifications. Lecture-oriented in-service teacher education, which has prevailed in China for a long time, has unfortunately not yielded good results. This paper presents an innovative model of Action Education built on experiments advocating and adopting collective wisdom in action. The forms and functions of Action Education are explored in in-depth surveys and their application to school-based teacher research and learning activities. This is an exploratory product of the paradigm shift in teachers' professional development.