Journal of Basic Education


2006.第15卷第1期(Vol. 15 No. 1).pp. 13–36


A Study of Parent Involvement in Children's Chinese Language Learning

文英玲(Ying-Ling MAN)





The aim of this study is to investigate the attitudes of parents of junior primary students toward involvements in their children's Chinese language learning. A total of 1,356 and 50 questionnaires were collected respectively from parents and Chinese language teachers for the investigation. In general, Hong Kong parents are found to be satisfied with their children's performance in Chinese language learning and they also have a positive attitude in supporting children's Chinese language learning. However, the data collected reveals that effectual supporting methods for the above are lacking and more related supports from schools are highly expected by parents. The investigation further reveals that those parents who have lower monthly household income and educational qualifications need more assistance, both materialistically and mentally. Moreover, because of different views of Chinese language teachers and parents on students' Chinese language learning, further communication and mutual understanding between the two parties are very much needed to facilitate the effectiveness of students' Chinese language learning.