Journal of Basic Education


2005.第14卷第1期(Vol. 14 No. 1).pp. 149–161


The Design of Computer-Mediated Learning Resources for Inquiry-based Learning of Puberty

蘇詠梅、江紹祥(Winnie Wing-Mui SO & Siu-Cheung KONG)




This article discusses how computer-mediated learning resources are designed and implemented to support the inquiry approach for primary school pupils to have better understanding of puberty, which is a core element in the Health and Living Strand of General Studies in the Hong Kong primary curriculum. The computer-mediated learning resources include case studies and virtual devices. The case studies provide situations of harassment and questions that early adolescents may encounter. The virtual devices of balance, meter rule, magnifying lens, and x-ray machine help learners look into the body changes and sexual development during puberty, as well as reproductive anatomy. Teachers can guide pupils to work individually or in groups to search for supporting information from the virtual devices for discussion and making wise choices in solving problems encountered in puberty.