Journal of Basic Education


2005.第14卷第1期(Vol. 14 No. 1).pp. 121–139


The Provision of Counseling Supervision in Primary Schools: Current Status and Challenges

陳茂釗、佘文基、劉兆瑛、袁文得(Raymond Mow-Chiu CHAN, Peter Man-Kee SHEA, Patrick Siu-Ying LAU, & Man-Tak YUEN)




The provision of supervision of counseling professionals has long been considered as one of the important aspects for professional development, support and skill instruction. However, the supervision of counseling professionals in Hong Kong primary schools has been ignored for many years. Aiming at bringing up this overlooked issue, this paper examines the development and current status of supervision of counseling professionals in Hong Kong primary schools. Three major problems hindered the provision of supervision are discussed. In addition, recommendations to the counseling professional community, counselor educators and school counselor supervisors are suggested.