Journal of Basic Education


2005.第14卷第1期(Vol. 14 No. 1).pp. 1–21


Factors That Hong Kong Parents Consider When They Choose Primary Schools for Their Children

許慧珠、譚偉明、余可茵(Wai-Chu HUI, Frank Wai-Ming TAM, & Hoi-Yan YU)




In order to achieve sustainable development and to provide appropriate educational programs that will meet parents' needs, a school must understand the expectations of parents about school education. By exploring the factors that parents consider when choosing primary schools for their children, the present study aims to facilitate primary educators to reflect upon whether their education programs can meet parents' needs. This study employs qualitative interview method, and the targets are parents whose children are studying in kindergarten K3 classes in the 2003-2004 school year. Findings suggest that parents from different social backgrounds would consider factors such as pleasurable learning, teacher quality, teaching process, curriculum content, religious affiliation and home-school distance when they choose primary schools for their children, but the way they consider these factors and the relative importance, are very much determined by the capitals they possess.