Journal of Basic Education


2004.第13卷第2期(Vol. 13 No. 2).pp. 39–57


A Study on the Effects of Inappropriate Teacher Assessment on Teachers’ Personalities in Primary Schools

崔允漷、柯政、夏雪梅(Yunhuo CUI, Zheng KE, & Xuemei XIA)




Although teachers are generally considered as professionals, a teacher assessment system which views students’ test scores as the only criterion for reflecting teachers’ quality of teaching and linking that to teachers’ salary and reputation is inappropriate. More than 600 subjects were interviewed about the effects of this assessment system on their personality traits. The results indicate that: firstly, 11 out of 30 major personality traits have been clearly affected; secondly, neuroticism, one factor of the “Big Five”, is affected greatly; thirdly, teachers teaching Chinese report that they are hurt more significantly than teachers in other subjects. Three suggestions for lessening the negative effects are provided.