Journal of Basic Education


2004.第13卷第1期(Vol. 13 No. 1).pp. 35–54


The Use of Video-Recordings in Promoting Teaching Methodology

梁佩雲、謝雪梅、蘇潔玉(Pui-Wan LEUNG, Suet-Mui TSE, & Kit-Yuk SO)




Learning about teaching methods has been perceived by student teachers as the most important yet the most difficult thing to grasp in teacher education programmes. In a study on enhancing student teachers' understanding of teaching Putonghua to primary students in Hong Kong, over eighty student teachers responded to a questionnaire survey after watching the recording of a Putonghua lesson. Based on the respondents' feedback and evaluation of the activity, this article suggests that video-recordings of actual teaching can be used effectively as concrete examples for student teachers to deepen their discussions on teaching methods, and in turn enhance the effectiveness of learning from the respective modules. Although the discussion refers solely to the teaching of a particular subject, feedback from the student teachers should provide insights for improving the quality of other modules on teaching methods in general.