Journal of Basic Education


2004.第13卷第1期(Vol. 13 No. 1).pp. 25–34


Civic Education Reform in Hong Kong Primary Schools

龍精亮(Ching-Leung LUNG)




Civic education in Hong Kong has been undergoing great changes. Members of the public and many academics are all showing great concern about its development. Some personal views and suggestions from the perspective of a teacher educator are raised for discussion, hoping that the topic of civic education in primary school and teacher professional development in civic education can be brought to peoples' attention, especially that of educators. This article will first focus on a brief review of the implementation of civic education in Hong Kong schools, followed by a discussion of the obstacles and problems of implementation. Strategies for training teachers will also be discussed, which include cultivating pre-service teachers' self-awareness and reflection, encouraging in-service teachers' continuous learning, providing more civic education programmes for leaders, establishing the value orientation for teacher training, taking teacher educators as role-models, and also democratizing the administration and decision-making mechanisms in teacher education organizations.