Journal of Basic Education


2003.第12卷第2期(Vol. 12 No. 2).pp. 29–56


Hong Kong Civic Education Teachers' Understanding of Nationalistic Education

梁恩榮(Yan-Wing LEUNG)




This paper points out that the dominant understanding of nationalistic education of Hong Kong civic education teachers is education for cultural nationalism. Nevertheless, it also reveals a multiple understandings composed of education for cosmopolitan nationalism, civic nationalism, and anti-colonial nationalism. This eclectic understanding is beneficial to the development of Hong Kong nationalistic education because it is rational, inclusive and compatible with human rights and democracy. The paper argues that the national identity constructed from the education for cultural nationalism focuses only on the cultural aspects but neglects the political aspect of China. This is only the building of a cultural identity but not national identity because there cannot be a complete national identity without a political dimension. It further suggests that the exploration of both cultural and political (democratic) identity is necessary for the cultivation of a complete Chinese national identity.