Journal of Basic Education


2003.第12卷第1期(Vol. 12 No. 1).pp. 45–67


Teachers’ Value Orientations in Parental Involvement in Times of Educational Change

吳迅榮(Shun-Wing NG)




In the last ten years, the Education Department of Hong Kong has constantly introduced different educational innovations in schools. Whether an innovation can be successfully implemented depends very much on teachers’ value orientations. This article reports on a qualitative case study research. Through a micro-political perspective, the investigator explores and analyzes teachers’ values and beliefs in parental involvement during times of educational change in two primary schools. The findings suggest that teachers in these two schools possess different values and beliefs along a continuum of "altruism" at one end and "isolationism" at the other, and their orientations are affected by variations of paradigm, competence and policy factors in times of change.