Journal of Basic Education


2003.第12卷第1期(Vol. 12 No. 1).pp. 31–44


The Teaching of Children’s Literature: An Application of Bruner’s Discovery Learning Theory

劉鳳鸞(Maggie Fung-Luen LAU)


踏入廿一世紀,香港漸變為一個充滿挑戰的知識型社會。在這個資訊爆炸、知識迅速發展的年代,新的一代只拚命吸收知識是不足夠的,他們還必須掌握各種學習技巧,培養學習能力,以達至「學會學習」的目的。布魯納(J. S. Bruner)的 「發現學習理論」(discovery learning theory)強調的正是學生的自發學習 。本文主要以講授兒童文學課文為例,探討如何在教學上應用布魯納的「發現學習理論」, 以激發學生通過主動學習而獲取知識或建立學理原則。


Since stepping into the 21st century, Hong Kong has gradually evolved into a knowledge-based society full of challenges. In this era of information explosion, it is not enough for the new generation to just absorb knowledge indiscriminately. They must also grasp various learning skills in order to learn how to learn. What the discovery leaning theory of Bruner emphasizes is precisely students taking the initiative to learn. This article explores the application of Bruner’s theory in teaching and uses the teaching of children’s literature as an example. The aim is to stimulate students to acquire knowledge through active learning.