Journal of Basic Education


2003.第12卷第1期(Vol. 12 No. 1).pp. 11–30


The Teaching of Poetry to Children: Three Dimensions of Aesthetic Education

霍玉英 (Yuk-Ying FOK)




Aesthetic Education can be developed through different academic subjects. In Chinese language learning, the use of the language is definitely one of the focuses, but the poetic mood created through words and the subtle influence of literary works on students' moral development is sometimes neglected by teachers. Children's literature offers excellent learning materials for junior primary level students, especially nursery rhymes and poems. The simple diction and musical rhythm have a great appeal for young children. This paper focuses on the teaching of children's poems and discusses how guided appreciation of literary works enables students to experience the three dimensions of aesthetic education: to appreciate the beauty of language, to feel the subtleties of mood created through the language, and to nourish the soul, upgrade one's moral character and strength through thoughtful reading of literary works.