Journal of Basic Education


2001.第10卷第2期/第11卷第1期(Vol. 10 No. 2/Vol. 11 No. 1).pp. 73–100


Teachers and Teacher Development in the Currents of Educational Reform

盧乃桂(Leslie N. K. LO)




The purpose of this paper is to delineate the effects of educational reform on teachers and teacher development. Teacher education in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong provides the context of illustration of the functions and limitations of teacher education, and its possible contribution to teacher development and the work of teachers. Under the waves of educational reform that the world has experienced in the past decade, teachers need to change their way of thinking about teaching as well as their teaching methodology if they are to satisfy the requirements of educational reform. The ways that teachers adjust their thinking and work habits in varying stages of career development, and the ways they choose to confront the requirements of reform, depend very much on how individual teachers view their own development and the meaning of their work. In the endeavor to transform schools and their teachers, policy-makers would do well to understand: the many change possibilities that the interaction of teachers, environment, and work may afford; the conditions needed for the sustainable development of teachers and therefore the continual success of reform; and their own limitations that some have chosen to conveniently overlook.