Journal of Basic Education

Hong Kong Primary English Teachers’ Selection of Coursebooks

2001.第10卷第2期/第11卷第1期(Vol. 10 No. 2/Vol. 11 No. 1).pp. 47–72

Hong Kong Primary English Teachers’ Selection of Coursebooks


John C. K. LEE, Paul SZE, and Cecilia K. W. CHUN(李子建、施敏文、秦家慧)


This paper reports on a study of Hong Kong primary English teachers' selection of coursebooks after the implementation of a task-based, learner- and learning-centred primary English curriculum. The paper begins with an outline of the current Hong Kong primary English curriculum and the place of the coursebook in it. This is followed by a report of the study itself. The paper finishes with a discussion of three important issues emerging from the study. These issues are (1) refining the decision-making process for coursebook selection, (2) professional support for teachers in their selection of English coursebooks, and (3) coursebook evaluation as an activity for school-based professional development.