Journal of Basic Education


2000.第9卷第2期/第10卷第1期(Vol. 9 No. 2/Vol. 10 No. 1).pp. 23–36


The Biliterate and Trilingual Policy and Multiculturalism

梁敏兒(Man-Yee LEUNG)




This essay discusses the biliterate and trilingual policy of Hong Kong and its influence to Chinese education in primary schools. For a long time,Hong Kong schools use Cantonese as a medium of instruction and modern standard Chinese is used in writing. However, the gap between spoken and written language has always been neglected. This essay argues that the language policy did provide a good soil for multiculturalism. It suggests that in solving the conflict between dialect and standard language, we have to appreciate the various "other" in different culture and take into consideration of the significance of "utterance".