Education Journal


1982.第10卷第2期(Vol. 10 No. 2).pp. 82–90



Development of CAI and Communication Technology

鄭肇楨(Shiu-Ching CHENG)




In this paper the development of computer assisted instruction (CAI) and communication technology was reviewed. In light of the possibility of applying new information sciences in education, teachers should now rethink their role in education, including seeking more effective ways to teach their students. Such would-be changes in classroom was depicted by Licklider, who imagined a scene of a classroom in the year of 1990, where students learn mainly by the use of electronic teaching machines with artificial intelligence. Hence they could replace human teachers. Although researches on the effects of using CAI are inconclusive, there are evidences to show that CAI can enormously enrich the learning environment hence brings benefits to the learners.