Journal of Basic Education


1999.第8卷第2期(Vol. 8 No. 2).pp. 29–43


The Beliefs and Practice of Chinese Teachers under Compulsory Education: A Preliminary Study

梁振威、陳寶蓮、潘麗雯、李子建、趙志成、黃顯華(Chun-Wai LEUNG, Pauline Po-Lin CHAN, Lai-Man POON, John Chi-Kin LEE, Chi-Shing CHIU, & Hin-Wah WONG)




The article is a preliminary review on Chinese language teachers' beliefs and their implementation under the nine-year compulsory education in Hong Kong. Staring with literature review to define "beliefs" and its effects on teaching and learning, the article discloses the research results on Chinese language teachers' beliefs. From the interviews and classroom observation, the writers concluded that the Chinese language teachers have the following beliefs: strict classroom discipline before the lesson start, and a harmonious teacher-student relationship are beneficial to learning; subject based teaching objectives and student centered teaching strategy are effective. However, those beliefs are now under the heavy pound of tight curriculum and pressing demand from schools heads and parents for distinguish examination results. As a result, teachers' beliefs and the good will of nine-year compulsory education are being eroded.