Journal of Basic Education


1998.第8卷第1期(Vol. 8 No. 1).pp. 57–89


The Effectiveness of the "Grammar Differentiation Method" in Teaching Qingsheng in Putonghua to Primary School Students

陳志成(Chi-Shing CHAN)




The aim of this action research is to find out the effectiveness of "Grammar Differentiation Method" in teaching Qingsheng in Putonghua to primary 5 students. By stratified random sampling, nine students are selected from three different groups of Putonghua examination results (Grade A, B and C or below) in last year. A paired-sample test is used to analyse their pretest and posttest scores. The results show that the mean of pretest and posttest scores are 17.56 and 23.33 respectively. The result is statistically significant. It is concluded that the "Grammar Differentiation Method" is effective in teaching Qingsheng to primary 5 students.