Journal of Basic Education


1998.第8卷第1期(Vol. 8 No. 1).pp. 43–56


A Study of Self-Assessment Feedback Intervention on Junior Secondary Physical Education Teachers

夏秀禎(Amy Sau-Ching HA)




The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of a self-assessment feedback intervention among junior secondary physical education teachers. Data were collected by videotaping twenty physical educators during their natural and usual setting physical education lessons. The Self-Assessment Feedback Instrument (SAFI) was used to examine the teaching behaviors. Results indicated that self-assessment feedback intervention was effective in improving and increasing teaching behaviours including praise, praise/reinstruct, and questioning. Regardless of teaching experience, teachers who were obliged to a self-evaluation practice, modified their teaching strategies accordingly. Having teachers analyse tapes of their own instruction using SAFI as well as attending feedback intervention was proved to be effective and less threatening than using other means such as peer evaluation. Self-assessment instrument is one of the most effective ways to improve teacher effectiveness, therefore, such practice should be emphasised and implemented systematically for both in-service and pre-service physical educators to help them to become reflective practitioners.