Journal of Basic Education


1997.第7卷第1期(Vol. 7 No. 1).pp. 91–114


The Causal Attributions of the Upper Grade Low Achievers and its Relationship with Depression

梁佩雲、溤翠兒、黃仁娜、梁振威(Pamela Pui-Wan LEUNG, Chui-Yee FUNG, Yan-Nar WONG, & Chun-Wai LEUNG)




This study aims at investigating the quality of textbooks used in primary Chinese language classrooms. The tools for analysis rest mainly on an evaluation form and a grading system designed on the basis of a framework adopted by another project for evaluating textbooks used in Mainland China. The present evaluation addresses four domains of textbooks¡G teaching materials, teaching activities, teaching resources, and other attached teaching aids. According to some statistics provided by the Education Department, the research team has chosen the best and the second best selling textbooks for analysis. At this stage, the evaluation of textbooks for Primary 3 is completed, results will serve as the foundation for future research and development.