Journal of Basic Education


1997.第7卷第1期(Vol. 7 No. 1).pp. 67–89


The Causal Attributions of the Upper Grade Low Achievers and its Relationship with Depression

李帶生(Tai-Sang LEE)




This study examines the low academic achievers' attribution and its relationship with depression. The sample came from the P.4 and P.6 pupils of a primary school. It was found that the P.6 pupils attributed their academic achievement to internal ,controllable and global factors. Among the sample pupils, 46% who found to be depressed attributed their academic failure to ability that is internal, stable, uncontrollable and global. This condition was especially serious in the P.6 girls. This indicated that these girls suffered greater pressure. As Lane (1996) pointed out that the depressed youngsters have long been neglected by the educationists, the writer claims that teachers should always concern themselves with these depressed young people.