Journal of Basic Education


1997.第7卷第1期(Vol. 7 No. 1).pp. 39–65


A Survey of the External Relations Activities in Hong Kong Aided Primary Schools

譚卓雄(Chuck-hung TAM)






There is no doubt that public relations plays a very important role in enterprise management. But in school management not much attention has been given to this issue. One of the reasons is that the promotion of public relations does not bring prominent effect to enrolment of pupils owing to the fact that the tentative class structure set by Education Department limits the number of classes and the distribution of resources in the school. The other reason is the lack of genuine recognition of the power of public relations by school administrators.

This paper is a report on an investigation based on questionnaires answered by 54 Heads of aided schools about their promotion activities on external relations, their knowledge of it, and the difficulties they meet in developing it.

In conclusion, the author attempts to make suggestions to the school management on developing external relations in schools in Hong Kong.