Journal of Basic Education


1997.第7卷第1期(Vol. 7 No. 1).pp. 21–37


A Study on the Image of Parents Appeared in the Chinese Language Textbooks of Primary Schools

何偉傑、張桂蓮、黃敏儀、王笑娟(Wai-Kit HO, Kwai-Lin CHEUNG, Man-Yee WONG, & Siu-Kuen WONG)






The employment rate of Hong Kong women and the divorce cases surged up continuously. This phenomenon indicated that women gradually stepped in the society and the image of the parent has been changed accordingly.

This research was to study the image and status of the parent, the participation and support of family affairs that appeared in the Chinese language textbooks at primary schools. The research target lied on four sets of Chinese language textbooks in use. The research method was to analyse the contents and pictures which reflected the characteristics of parental role.

The research result indicated that a traditional image of "Men work outside and women stay in" is still widely described and advocated in the present textbooks. This result enables us to reconsider the parental role instilled into the children.