Journal of Basic Education


1996.第6卷第1及2期(Vol. 6 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 129–136


Views of Teachers and Parents on the Writing of Hong Kong Primary Pupils

關之英(Che-Ying KWAN)





This paper studies views of language teachers and parents on the teaching of writing for primary school students with whom they have frequent contacts. Based on the observation of the above two groups on children's writing, the author intends to find out if there exists any differnce of perceptions between the two, as well as to investigate if teachers' teaching strategy and curricular arrangement for writing is appropiate. In addition, the author also studies the two groups' opinions on a new method of teaching of writing.

This paper is based on quantitative research making use largely of questionaires. Besides, data gained from classroom observation and interviews with pupils have also been consulted in conducting the study.