Journal of Basic Education


1996.第6卷第1及2期(Vol. 6 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 101–110


A Study on the Chinese Language Proficiency of Chinese Language Teachers in Primary Schools

何偉傑、范國(Wai-Kit HO & Kwok FAN)





The report of the Working Group on Language Proficiency under the Education Commission suggested to put forward the criteria of language proficiency for language teachers. This study was to probe into the language proficiency of Chinese language teachers in primary schools required by the educational professionals.

Questionnaire focus on 63 aspects of Chinese language proficiency were distributed to the students and lecturers of Educational Institute, Chinese language teachers, the panel chairperson and pricipals in primary schools and the Advisory Inspectorates respectively. It is to evaluate the importance of Chinese language proficiency to a Chinese language teacher and the overall Chinese language proficiency of a Chinese language teacher desired by the educational professionals. The research results indicated that six groups of people shared the same view and very much emphasized on fundamental Chinese language proficiency which was, to a large extent, similar to the views held by the educational professionals in Taiwan. This phenomenon reflected that the Chinese communities have similar Chinese language proficiency requirements of Chinese language teachers.