Journal of Basic Education


1995.第5卷第2期(Vol. 5 No. 2).pp. 31–37


Effects of Learning with Cooperative-Mastery Learning on Primary Students with Low Learning Motivation

連文嘗(Man-Sheung LIN)




The idea of this study comes from action research. It tries to tackle a practical problem that the author faces: how to help low-motivated students to learn. The sample is a class of 24 students of Primary 4. They were regarded as low-motivated by their form teachers. The author taught them mathematics with Cooperative-Mastery method for about 6 months. The ranks of their achievement in mathematics and their affection (self-concept, attitude and value) towards the learning of mathematics were compared before and after the study. Results showed that both their ranks in mathematics and their affection towards the learning of mathematics were significantly higher.