Journal of Basic Education

課程與教學的反思 ── 一個傳記式研究法的實例

1995.第5卷第2期(Vol. 5 No. 2).pp. 19–29

課程與教學的反思 ── 一個傳記式研究法的實例

Reflection on Curriculum and Instruction — A Case of Biographic Approach

徐俊祥(Chun-Cheung TSUI)




The theme of this research is to focus on the process of reflection on curriculum and instruction within those primary school teachers. It also attempts to study the formation and changes of knowledge and belief in curriculum and instruction. Those changes represent a part of professional development of primary school teachers. Changes may be brought by the teacher' personal growth, external environmental factors, or the PDP Primary Education program. It is the aim of the research to find out the factors which affect the depth as well as the width of teachers' reflection. Ultimately the source of changes and improvement comes from everlasting internal and external inquiry. This research at least shares an example of such an inquiry.