Education Journal


1981.第9卷第2期(Vol. 9 No. 2).pp. 13–21



Analytical Study of Student Ability in Error Correction of the Use of the Words, Phrases, and Sentence Structure

蕭炳基、何萬貫(Ping-Kee SIU & Man-Koon HO)




Peer correction of written errors in terms of the use of words, phases, and sentence structure was investigated. 621 pieces of Chinese composition were read and corrected by Form III students of 14 subsidized schools in Hong Kong. It was found that (1) whether the words and phrases could be corrected was associated with their structural features and the frequency of their usage, (2) the ability to correct the erroneous use of words was significantly correlated with the ability to correct the wrong phrases, and (3) the ability to correct errors in Chinese composition was significantly related to the linguistic competence of a person.