Journal of Basic Education


1994.第4卷第2期(Vol. 4 No. 2).pp. 1–15


School Management Initiative and Strategic Management

鄭燕祥、伍國雄(Yin-Cheong CHENG & Kwok-Hung NG)




The new policy "School Management initiative" (SMI) issued by the Education and Manpower Branch and Education Department (1991) is inducing a great reform of management in Hong Kong Schools. It intends to enhance education quality and school effectiveness by transforming the schools from "external control management" to "school-based management". This paper analyzes the nature and components of SMI and proposes that the effectiveness of SMI on school improvement and development depends on whether its components can be successfully integrated into a strategic management mechanism including environmental analysis planning and structuring, human resource management, evaluation and controlling, participation, and leadership. The ideas and techniques illustrated in this paper may contribute to the practice of school development and the ongoing discussion, implementation, and investigation of school-based management in local and international contexts.