Journal of Basic Education

Whose English? English and More in the Early Early Years

1993.第4卷第1期(Vol. 4 No. 1).pp. 83–88

Whose English? English and More in the Early Early Years




A version of this paper was given at the Fifth International Conference on Language in Education at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K., March 1993. This discussion of English teaching in the early years (3-8) is set in the context of current government proposals for England and Wales: to raise standards in the teaching of English, and to allow non-graduates to teach children in the first Key Stage of the National Curriculum (5-7). The education of the 3-4s is not statutory in the U.K. and the National Curriculum does not apply to this age phase. This paper celebrates young children's language skills and learning strategies and re-affirms the significant role of early years education in any national curriculum. The issues addressed are: the threat posed by the current proposals to the academic study of the early years; the remarkable skills of young talkers and listeners; the emergence of children's early writing strategies; and the importance of communicating and sharing these insights with parents and communities.