Journal of Basic Education

Helping Primary Pupils Memorize the Multiplication Table

1992.第3卷第1期(Vol. 3 No. 1).pp. 79–86

Helping Primary Pupils Memorize the Multiplication Table


See-Shing YEUNG & Siu-Fai LIU(楊書誠、廖紹輝)


Memorizing the multiplication table is a difficult task to almost all primary pupils, and usually a painstaking one. Instead of attempting to discuss the development of the concept of multiplication, this article addresses the problem of memorizing the multiplication table. Some teachers tend to follow the seemingly natural sequence of the multiplication table and ask pupils to recite from one through nine. We suggest that the memorization sequence should be reconsidered. Mathematics learning involves the learning patterns. We suggest the use of patterns to assist children to remember the multiplication table. For the multiplication of seven where the pattern is not obvious, we suggest the use of games and activities to change the tedious task of rote-memory into fun so that children are willing to repeat and recite many times without feelings of boredom and pain.