Journal of Basic Education

Working Conditions of Early Childhood Educators in Hong Kong

1992.第3卷第1期(Vol. 3 No. 1).pp. 1–8

Working Conditions of Early Childhood Educators in Hong Kong


Sylvia OPPER


The purpose of this study was to examine the working conditions of early childhood educators in Hong Kong as well as their perceptions of these conditions. The heads of 68 preschools were interviewed about various characteristics of their programmes. In addition, 281 early children educators from these preschools responded to an anonymous questionnaire containing items related to their perceptions of their working conditions. The findings indicate that the working conditions of early educators in Hong Kong are characterised by large class size with low adult: child ratios. Adults spend a lot of time preparing for teaching and other duties more typical of primary school teachers, and receive few benefits in return for these time-consuming activities. Despite these apparently adverse working conditions, most early childhood educators are satisfied with their work. They particularly enjoy the interpersonal relationships with children and colleagues that are part of working in a preschool.