Education Journal


1980.第8卷第2期(Vol. 8 No. 2).pp. 21–23



The Effect of Form and Meaningfulness on Chinese Paired Asociate Learning

劉誠、蔡瓊霖、王曉中(Sing LAU, Chyong-Lin TSAI, & Sheau-Jong WANG)




In the present Chinese paired associate learning experiment, 105 subjects were divided into three groups. In the form-and-meaning group, the stimulus terms were ordinary Chinese characters; in the meaning-only group, Mandarin phonemes were used to form meaningful but formless (lacking the form of a Chinese character) stimulus terms; and in the control group, the stimulus terms formed from Mandarin phonemes were both formless and meaningless. It was found that the form-and-meaning group learned significantly faster than the meaning-only group, which in turn showed superior learning when compared with the control group. Results suggested that form and meaningfulness are important factors in affecting the rate of Chinese paired associate learning.