Education Journal


2008.第36卷第1–2期(Vol. 36 Nos. 1–2).pp. 97–120



The New Vision in Moral Education With Response to Students’ Moral Sentiments — Integrating Ethics of Care into Life Education

方志華(Chih-Hua FANG)





This article first describes some educational phenomena in Taiwan, including: Life Education becoming a new and important learning area from primary to senior high schools in the Official Curriculum, and more and more teachers integrating Life Education into Moral Education in daily school life.

Then, the article argues that in order to enhance the motives of students’ moral practice, the teacher should sensitively respond to students’ needs of moral sentiments in everyday school life. The educational process is a process of feeling and learning of caring relationships (i.e., being cared for, caring for self, and caring for others). There is a dynamic relation among moral sentiments, moral ideals, and moral commitments for response. When students get integrating self-image from the inside, and connect moral sentiments to the outside, they could fulfill the motives of moral praxis.

Finally, the article affirms that integrating the ethics of care into Life Education instruction is a good way to enhance the moral sentiments of students, and in turn to enhance the motives of moral practice.