Asian Journal of Counselling

Mentoring Relationship in Counselor Development

2009.第16卷第1期(Vol. 16 No. 1).pp. 31–49

Mentoring Relationship in Counselor Development


K. W. LAM & David W. CHAN(林建榮、陳維鄂)


This study explored the mentoring relationship in counselor development and examined how the encounter with mentors influenced the personal and professional development of counselors. Qualitative research methods based on semi-structured and in-depth interviews with professional counselors were used in this study. Two domains, the personal development domain and the professional development domain, were suggested in the examination of the transcripts. Under these two domains were categories that included: The mentor helped the mentee to identify personal strengths; the mentor helped the mentee to explore identity issues; the mentor served as the mentee’s healer, supporter, and encourager; the mentor inspired the career development of the mentee; the mentor played the role of a coach in the mentoring relationship; the mentor influenced the mentee in choosing a specific counseling approach; and the mentor played the modeling role. Findings were discussed in relation to counselor training and future research directions.