Asian Journal of Counselling

Counseling/Psychotherapy With Chinese Singaporean Clients

2006.第13卷第2期(Vol. 13 No. 2).pp. 271–293

Counseling/Psychotherapy With Chinese Singaporean Clients


Koong-Hean FOO(胡功顯), Paul L. MERRICK, & Nikolaos KAZANTZIS


Singapore is a cosmopolitan state with a mix of Eastern and Westernized values, attitudes, and lifestyles. Like people of other developed countries, Singaporeans do face problems of depression, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia among other mental illnesses. They, however, have a choice of Western or traditional therapies for managing these illnesses. This article reviews the literature on the efficacy of counseling or psychotherapy with Chinese Singaporeans, the predominant group. Implications for cognitive behavior therapy are discussed, and considerations for conducting therapy with Chinese Singaporean clients are outlined. This resource on the counseling and psychotherapy position in Singapore is offered as a further contribution to this emerging literature.